by W. E. Johns



IV.   IN THE HANDS OF SPIES  (Pages 63 - 86)


Worrals has managed to reach the message, “a small, flat compact packet” and calls to Frecks so she can throw it to her.  Frecks catches it and runs into the trees, plunging through the darkness with her arms in front of her face to protect her.  Tripping over a rabbit hole Frecks decides to hide the packet down the hole.  Then she returns to see what has happened to Worrals.  Worrals is bundled away to a house, some half a mile away.  Worrals is taken into  a library where a tall, thin, middle-aged man with a large hooked nose and eyeglass awaits.  Worrals thinks this must be Corton or Coryton, the man she was told about.  He asks his men what she had seen and is told "everything".  The man tells Worrals that "when you leave here it will be to go to a country where they know how to control impetuous young women like yourself".  She is taken upstairs to a high room and locked in.  Meanwhile, Frecks returns to the village to try and find a local constable, but without success.  She does discover that the Reverend Corton lives at the Rectory, the house by the golf links.  Frecks then goes to Worrals' car only to find that there is a flat tyre and there is no spare.  Frecks then considers the possibility of rescuing Worrals and, taking an electric torch, goes up to the Rectory.  Hiding in an open garage when two men come out of the house, Frecks is dismayed when they get into a car and drive off, locking the garage behind them and leaving Frecks on the wrong side of the locked doors.