by W. E. Johns



V.    FRECKS TO THE RESCUE  (Pages 87 - 103)


Exploring the garage, there is one remaining car, a big saloon, and a workshop.  The only other way out is a high skylight that Frecks can only reach by standing on top of an empty petrol can balanced on top of the roof of the car.  The skylight is on a hinge and when Frecks opens it, it falls back with a crash and the petrol can falls to the ground making a tremendous racket.  Frecks climbs onto the roof and waits.  Some men come out alerted by the noise but find nothing suspicious.  They think an apple has fallen through a pane of glass in the greenhouse and so they go back in.  Worrals is also alerted by the crash and sees the person on the roof of the garage but doesn't immediately realise that it is Frecks.  When she does, she is able to tell Frecks that the windows to her room are barred and asks Frecks to find a file or a hacksaw.  With a hacksaw from the workshop, sent up on a piece of white ribbon, Worrals soon cuts through one of the bars giving herself room to get out.  Some coiled flex from the workshop enables Worrals to climb down to the roof of the garage.  Worrals says they have to fetch the police and get them to raid the place before the spies realise she has gone and bolted.  Unless they are caught, they will be free to start again somewhere else.  Climbing back down into the garage, Worrals sets to work on trying to unscrew the lock so they can get out.  However, two men approach the garage so the two girls hide in the back of the saloon car.  The two men get into the car and drive off at some speed.  Then one of the men remarks on how chilly it is and says "There's a rug in the back.  We may as well have it out".