by W. E. Johns



VI.   THE PLOT EXPLAINED  (Pages 104 - 118)


A cow in the road front causes the men to brake sharply.  This gives Worrals the precious time she needs to get the folded rug out from under them and put it over her.  One of the men then reaches behind, more or less blindly, and pulls the rug into the front and the car speeds on.  The two men talk and as they do so, the plot unfolds.  "Apparently the daylight raid on the munitions dump at Churley was already fixed for to-morrow morning, soon after dawn; there's no time to alter the arrangement, so we've got to get that circus horse in position before it gets light".  The men arrive at an unknown destination where they are to collect a horse.  They both get out and, meeting with another man, go into a farmhouse.  Worrals and Frecks are able to escape, but Worrals says they can't.  They need to telephone and warn about the impending raid.  Worrals says "The man who was waiting said he'd spoken to someone on the 'phone.  That means there's a telephone here."  Frecks realises they have to get into the farmhouse to get to the phone.  They find the door open and avoiding the room where the men are talking, they look for the telephone.  They find it in an empty study with a roll-top desk and lock themselves in.  Worrals tells Frecks to open the window as a line of retreat in case it becomes necessary.  Worrals sees on the desk an automatic and an Ordnance survey map decorated with spots of different colours that includes a key setting out the details of the animals each colour relates to.  Worrals seizes this map and puts it in an envelope and addresses it to Bill Ashton and then puts it in her pocket.  She then rings the operator and gets put through to the Royal Air Force, Bradchurch.  Leaving an urgent message with the person who answers, she then asks to speak to Flying Officer Ashton.  She quickly tells Bill all that has happened when she is interrupted by someone trying the door to the study.  Bill asks what number she is ringing from and before she can say "Laxbourne 601" the door bursts open and three men rush into the room.