by W. E. Johns



This story was first published in 12 monthly instalments in the "Girl's Own Paper" from October 1941 to September 1942.  The 12 parts were the 12 chapters of the book.  Although this was in fact the third Worrals book published (in time) as it was published in October 1942, it contains the second Worrals story.  The second Worrals book published in September 1942, "Worrals Flies Again", contained a story that had been serialised in 15 parts in the “Girl's Own Paper” between October 1942 and December 1943 and from the content, it is clear that it was written after “Worrals Carries On”.


I.         WORRALS IS SUSPICIOUS  (Pages 7 - 16)


Flight Officer Joan Worralson, better known in the W.A.A.F. as "Worrals" and her friend "Frecks" Lovell, (Johns does not tell us that her first name is Betty) are waiting for 12 aircraft to return from an offensive patrol.  Only 11 do so.  The aircraft registered "M" is missing, that is Leon Joudrier, a Belgian pilot recently posted to the squadron.  Flying Officer Bill Ashton (who, we are told, was Worrals "particular pal among the officers of the squadron") comes to chat to Worrals.  He thinks the patrol got five Messerschmitts.  About two hours later, Joudrier suddenly arrives back.  Worrals and Frecks examine his plane and find no bullet holes or damage to it.  Worrals finds a leaf stuck to the underside of the plane.  It is the leaf of a scented geranium, only grown in warm countries.  Worrals has seen fields and fields of it in the south of France.  Worrals thinks Joudrier has landed in France.  On checking his combat report, Joudrier says he had a spot of engine trouble and landed at Shoreham and was there half the afternoon.  Worrals get a sample of fuel from Joudrier's plane and a sample of fuel from the usual hangar supply.  British fuel has a faint blue tint, but the German stuff has a yellowish look.  Joudrier's plane had yellowish fuel.  The conclusion is that the Huns put it there and hence Joudrier is a spy.  Worrals goes to ring Shoreham to see if Joudrier did land there.  He did, but only for five minutes.  There is a slight sound from the door and turning around both girls see an officer standing there.  “It was Leon Joudrier”.