by W. E. Johns



II.    IN TOWN THAT NIGHT  (Pages 17 - 29)


Joudrier asks the girls what they are doing there.  They say they have come to see the adjutant.  Joudrier goes off to find the adjutant in the mess.  Shortly after, the girls see Joudrier heading for the car park and they scramble into Worrals' car to follow him.  He takes the London road and they follow him all the way to London.  Parking up they continue to follow him to Soho and he goes into the Green Parrot Dance Hall.  For ten minutes the girls stand outside, not sure what to do as they are reluctant to go in.  Then the air-raid sirens go off and they are ushered inside by a policeman for safety.  Inside, they see Joudrier talking to another man and he sees them and comes towards them.  A nearby bomb causes the lights to go off and a chandelier to fall.  Everyone has to leave by the back entrance.  Outside the area is lit by fire.  Worrals sees Joudrier, and the man he was with, hurrying down a narrow street and the girls follow them.  They follow them to a wharf and watch them row across the Thames to a gaunt wooden warehouse.  Finding another rowing-boat, the girls follow them.  The building turns out to be an abandoned warehouse.  Climbing through a window, the girls go inside and come to a small open stone-paved area, like a courtyard.  On the far side is a door with the words "The Bonanzo Ice Cream Company" on it.  Going through the door, at the end of a passageway, the girls can hear men talking in Italian.  Voices are raised in argument, then there is a gunshot and a man staggers into the corridor.  Frecks runs for her life only to find that Worrals is not with her.  She hides in a large dustbin in the corner of the courtyard, the other side of the entrance door.