by W. E. Johns



V.    IN FRANCE  (Pages 56 - 68)


Worrals says "There must have been a fifty mile an hour wind at the height we were flying".  Worrals says they have one chance and it's a pretty slim one and that was to go back to the machine and try and put the engine right.  The area is, however, shrouded in fog and finding the machine is not easy.  The girls are soon hopelessly lost.  As their mackintoshes cover their uniforms, by putting their caps in their pockets, they can pass as French girls.  They decide to follow a road until they come to a village and then make enquiries about the leaning signpost for St. Vance.  On the journey they have to hide from German soldiers.  Reaching a village and finding an estaminet, the local cafe, or tavern, the girls look in and see several men, including one or two German soldiers, seated at little tables.  The barmaid is the girl they met in the lane.  Worrals and Frecks go in and Worrals goes to ask the barmaid for directions back to where they first saw her.  The barmaid tells Worrals to fasten her collar.  The button has come off and it exposes the top part of her uniform.  Worrals orders two glasses of grenadine and returns to the table where Frecks in sitting.  A short while later, a French peasant in a tattered blue blouse and greasy beret comes and sits near them.  Later a man comes into the tavern and gives a bundle of black and white rag to two German officers.  It must be Joudrier's message.  The man who has come in is the man that Joudrier was meeting in the Green Parrot Dance Hall.  If he sees Worrals and Frecks, he will recognise them.  The nearby French peasant quietly speaks to Worrals and Frecks and tells them to go to the nearby church porch.  This they do.