by W. E. Johns





"After the first stunning shock of this discovery had passed, Worrals acted swiftly".  She pushes the throttle wide open and speeds towards the Germans, who open fire.  At the last moment the Germans fling themselves flat and the aircraft takes off over them.  The journey home is not easy as Worrals is chased by three Messerschmitts.  Then a forth machine arrives, but this is a Reliant.  As Worrals sees the British coast ahead, suddenly there are only two Messerschmitts and Worrals can see the identification letter (we are not told what it is) on the Reliant and notes that it is Bill's machine.  The two remaining Messerschmitts turn for home.  Landing on her home aerodrome, Worrals finds out that Joudrier has returned.  She introduces Tim to Bill and says that she picked Tim up in France.  Worrals and Frecks are summoned to see the C.O. who is angry as the two girls have been missing.  Tim goes with them and the C.O. recognises him, "Jones!  Where the deuce have you sprung from?  I thought you'd been killed."  Tim Jones was with the C.O.'s squadron in France.  Worrals is surprised to hear a voice and she spins round to see Major Gray present.  He has taken Squadron Leader McNavish into his confidence.  Worrals tells the story of what has happened to her.  Major Gray says they have raided the Green Parrot Dance Hall and the ice cream factory and "made a nice bag, but two men slipped through the net.  One was the man you saw at the Green Parrot with Joudrier, and the other was Joudrier himself.  We know now that he is not a Belgian, but a German."  Major Gray has come down to arrest Joudrier only to find that he has departed on seven days leave.  Worrals tells the C.O. she has promised to get the boys home from St. Vance in France and a plan is discussed whereby Worrals could be dropped by parachute to warn them all to be ready by midnight and Bill Ashton could land a Wellington when signalled by a torch and bring them all home.  Frecks insists she gets to go as well.  Plans are made for them to leave at 9.00 pm that night.