by W. E. Johns



VIII.       PARACHUTE JUMP  (Pages 91 - 104)


Bill has decided that a Havelock would suit them better than a Wellington.  The plan is for Bill to fly Worrals and Frecks over to France and they will parachute out.  He will return at midnight and look for the letter "V" to be signalled by red flash lamp and then land in the field to collect the passengers.  Neither of the girls has ever made a deliberate parachute jump before.  Bill confesses his feelings to Worrals before they set off.  "You know, kid, you mean an awful lot to me.  If anything happened to you on this show I should never forgive myself."  Bill caught Worrals' hand, and held it.  For a moment Worrals stared in genuine surprise.  Then, recovering herself, "Bill," she said, "you’re not by any chance making love to me, are you?"  Further conversation ends with "Be yourself.  You'll laugh at this nonsense in the morning".  Worrals gives Frecks some chocolate that she had been keeping for a special occasion as the plane takes off.  Reaching their destination, the two girls bail out and they land in a turnip field and hide their "brollies" under the trees.  They set off to the estaminet in order to find Captain Charles but as they hide by the stone wall of the church, they see and hear two men speaking in German.  One of them is Joudrier.  It is clear from their conversation that they suspect Captain Charles of being a spy and are watching him.  Worrals tells Frecks that she has to warn Captain Charles before they do anything else and she moves towards the side entrance of the estaminet.