by W. E. Johns





Bill starts to take off as a machine gun opens fire.  "That sounds like Tim" says Bill, revealing that Tim has come back with Bill to act as his gunner.  He has already got two German planes; one as they crossed the coast and one right over the rendezvous, which Worrals and the others saw crash.  They take off and get back to England safely and then land at their aerodrome.  "The entire squadron appeared to have turned out, and a little cheer went up as the refugees stepped out.  Worrals found the C.O. in earnest conversation with an Air Ministry official.  He seemed to be in a good humour - so much so in fact that he astonished Worrals by clapping her on the back".  The two prisoners are taken away:  "Worrals never saw them again".  Joudrier's friend in due course told everything he knew, in the hope of saving himself and Joudrier was convicted, but what eventually became of the spies she never heard, "for the British government is often silent about such things".  Captain Charles, it turned out, was not an official British agent.  He was an English author living in St. Vance who had set up an organisation to help British Tommies escape, or at any rate find refuge from the Gestapo agents.  He had been helped by his local French friends, chiefly the padre and Suzette.  Suzette went to work in a Free French canteen and Father Giraldus was given a commission as a padre in the same service.  Captain Charles joined British Intelligence.  Worrals and Frecks received various gifts from grateful parties.  “The rescued boys clubbed together and presented the girls each with a gold identity disc with an appropriate inscription on the back.  Father Giraldus sent two beautifully bound books.  Captain Charles sent an enormous box of chocolates, and Suzette, a parcel of fine lawn handkerchiefs exquisitely embroidered by herself.  But the crowning satisfaction came in the form of a sheet of paper, a letter from the Air Council, forwarded through the Commandant of the W.A.A.F., informing them that they had been commended for their courage, skill, and devotion to duty.  Bill was awarded the D.F.C. for his part in the operation".  “Looking at all these things,” remarked Worrals.  “It rather looks as if our little effort was appreciated – what say you, Frecks?”  Frecks could only nod enthusiastically.  Her mouth was full of chocolate”.