by Captain W. E. Johns



II.    AT THE CHATEAU DELAROSE  (Pages 17 - 29)


At 8.00 pm that same evening, Worrals and Frecks are about to set off to fly to France in their (side by side) two seater high-wing cabin monoplane.  Before they leave Bill Ashton comes to speak to Worrals.  Frecks remarks that Bill and Worrals have been getting pretty pally of late and that he has a crush on Worrals.  All Worrals can tell Bill is that they are to undertake a secret mission.  They have a full tank of aviation fuel, giving them a range of 700 miles, which should be ample to get them there and back as there will be no available fuel in France to fill up with.  They fly to France avoiding flak and enemy aircraft.  Finding the Loire river they follow it to a distinctive bend and land a mile south-east of it.  Worrals gets out and ask Frecks to sit in the pilot's seat.  She will reconnoitre and Frecks can fly off if Worrals gets into any trouble.  Approaching the dilapidated Chateau is not easy and it takes some time for Worrals to work her way there.  Eventually seeing a light under a door, which is so thick that her knocks cannot be heard, Worrals enters and finds Monsieur Mundier.  Using the code phrase "How the time flies, but it was a good night for a journey", Worrals introduces herself.  Mundier shudders and throws up his hands despairingly.  "The imbeciles!  They have sent a girl" he tells his wife.  Madame Mundier, who is there with her son Lucien, tells Worrals that she has chosen a terrible time to arrive.  Germans have arrived that day, horse artillery, with some engineers.  "The youth with the sagging jaw broke into a peal of insane laughter".