by Captain W. E. Johns





Worrals is told there are fifty Germans with two officers.  They have already searched the cellars for wine and found nothing.  Worrals realises that if she had arrived yesterday they would have found her plane!  Worrals enlists the help of Madame Mundier and Lucien to put her plane in the cellar before daylight.  Mundier stays in his room to be available if the Germans should want anything.  Taking a far quicker route back to the plane, Worrals is shown an old stone seat, where it is said that Richard the Lionheart carved a grove in the arm whilst sharpening his sword.  Worrals remembers “that the great king died in the year 1199”.  Worrals speaks to Frecks and tells her "the Huns are in residence" and Frecks nearly swallows her chewing gum in surprise.  The plane is light and so easier dragged.  It is taken to a part of the cellar where the chateau is in ruins and the Germans are too far away to hear.  The girls return to where Mundier is, taking with them their suitcases.  Then Madame Mundier leads them up a spiral staircase to a high room with a four poster bed that could hold six people and invites them to get changed.  The two girls will pretend to be sisters, the nieces of Monsieur Mundier.  Worrals is Jeanne and Frecks is Marie.  They must remember to speak in French at all times.  They return to the Mundier's kitchen only to find two German officers there.