by Captain W. E. Johns



IV. STRANGE EVENTS (Pages 39 - 51)


Worrals is not particularly surprised to see the Germans there and one of the German officers, Oberleutnant Schaffer, is particularly talkative. He chats with Worrals and says he has found an Englishman, although he may be a French de Gaullist, who may be a spy. The man had hidden in his hat a page taken from a popular French book 'L'Histoire de la Revolution', it is page 137, and on it written boldly in pencil on the margin is the letter U followed by the figure seven in Roman numerals (VII) and then the letters K.G. Schaffer shows the page to Worrals. A German soldier arrives and tells Schaffer that the prisoner has escaped. When Lucien breaks into a peal of ghastly laughter, Schaffer throws a cup at him, hitting him in the chest. The Germans leave. Worrals resolves to get that paper back although Monsieur Mundier has an attitude of hopeless abandon. Worrals and Frecks retire to bed but resolve to return to the kitchen as there are a number of books in the dresser and there may be a copy of 'L'Histoire de la Revolution', where they can get a duplicate page 137 to replace the one they intend to take. Finding the popular book in the kitchen, both Worrals and Frecks are surprised to find that page 137 is missing - it has been cut out.