by Captain W. E. Johns



V.    SINISTER PROCEEDINGS  (Pages 51  - 63)


Worrals says this doesn't make sense.  The man captured was coming to the chateau with that page, not going away from it.  Worrals tears out page 139 as an alternative and marks on it “U. VII. K.G.” when they hear a sound.  Turning out her torch, Worrals becomes aware that there is someone else coming into the kitchen.  Waiting in the darkness until all noises cease, Worrals and Frecks then discover 'L'Histoire de la Revolution', is now missing from the dresser completely!  The girls return to their bedroom when there is a gentle knock on the door.  It is Lucien and he wants the girls to follow him.  He takes them to an unfurnished room over a great hall where the German soldiers are all asleep.  Lucien opens a trap door and Worrals can clearly see Schaffer and his men asleep in the light of two Hurricane lamps.  Schaffer’s tunic is over a chair.  Worrals is working out whether she can climb down by rope or get the tunic with a fishing rod when suddenly she sees what appears to be one of the sleeping German soldiers get up and, with a blanket draped over him like a cloak, go to Schaffer's tunic and take something, presumably the page of the book.  Looking round, they can't find Lucien.  Returning to their room, to their astonishment, they find the page from the book on their bed, page 137.  Worrals runs back to the trap door to drop the fake page, (page 139) as near to Schaffer's tunic as possible so he will suppose that he has dropped it.  "He'll wonder how it happened, no doubt, but what else can he believe?"  The girls then try to go to sleep.