by Captain W. E. Johns





Worrals thinks that von Brandisch came there to try and find the book 'L'Histoire de la Revolution', from which the page was torn. After a frugal meal, attended by Lucien, but not Monsieur Mundier who has gone to Tours to see if he can exchange apples for other things, the two girls are shown the internal way to the cellars by Madame Mundier. In the cellars, Worrals and Frecks hear somebody talking and turn their light out. In the faint glow of outside, as if a door or window has been opened, they see two figures, one framed in a small square window talking to someone inside the cellar (this is the scene illustrated by the colour frontispiece). The door or window is shut and the figures depart. Worrals can hear footsteps in the cellar as they fade away. "This chateau is certainly a popular rendezvous", said Worrals. Worrals decides to fly the coded message received urgently back to England. The weather conditions are poor, but Worrals see this as an advantage and thinks it is safe to go now but Frecks needs to stay behind as both of them would be missed. On checking their aircraft, they find pinned on the door another message, with the cypher, U.I.K.G. Again it is on a page from 'L'Histoire de la Revolution', this time page 421. A sound behind them alerts Worrals and she turns to find Lucien there, "grinning foolishly as usual". He tells them nobody is around and helps them get the plane out of the cellar. Worrals takes off into the murk.