by Captain W. E. Johns



VIII.       HEAVY GOING FOR FRECKS  (Pages 86 - 96)


Frecks is left with Lucien and she asks him to show her the way to the roof.  The roof is a flat roof with battlements, but as the weather is bad, there is no point staying up there.  After five hours, Frecks goes out to the field where she expects Worrals to land.  She finds a tree stump under thick branches to sit upon and she waits.  Then she hears people coming, Germans!  She watches as they are led by the man she had seen wearing a nun's habit, von Brandisch.  With him is Oberleutnant Schaffer and six German soldiers.  They carry stakes and a mallet and soon uncoil wire and stretch it over the field, "trapping" it, so that if a plane lands there, it will somersault and crash.  Realising that Worrals could land there any minute, Frecks runs back to their room to get a torch with the intention of going to the roof and flashing a torch, a pre-arranged signal to warn of danger.  By the time she gets to the roof she can hear the sound of a gliding aircraft coming in to land.  Frecks see a Midget aircraft and to her horror, she watches it somersault, crash and burst into flames!  Frecks screams "Worrals!"  The Germans try to approach the crash but "There is no approaching a burning aircraft until the flames have devoured all that there is to burn".  Frecks returns to her room in shock.  Then there is a knock at her door and a man introduces himself.  "I am Hauptman von Brandisch of the German Intelligence Service".