by Captain W. E. Johns



X.    A NEW ASSIGNMENT  (Pages 113 - 123)


Worrals’ easy banter covers Frecks shock at seeing Worrals alive.  Worrals says she has been to Tours and that she has met Oberleutnant Schaffer on the way back.  Frecks introduces Worrals to von Brandisch who says "My time is valuable, so I will come straight to the point.  We have reason to suppose that this chateau is being used as a meeting place by enemy spies".  "How thrilling" say Worrals.  Her easy conversation appears to put von Brandisch off the scent, but there is an uneasy moment when he suggests that Worrals should remove her wet coat.  Worrals says she is soaked right through and asks him to step outside whilst she changes.  On his return he asks them if they have seen any suspicious characters about the place.  Worrals talks about the nun they saw.  Von Brandisch asks Worrals to be an unofficial spy for the Gestapo and he gives her his address in Tours.  When von Brandisch leaves, the two girls are able to exchange stories.  They discuss their plans and Worrals says they will have to send a carrier pigeon home with news of the destruction of the aircraft.  They go to the cellar to feed and water the birds and collect their food parcel.  In the kitchen, Worrals asks Madame where Monsieur Mundier is and she is told that he had gone to Tours and not returned.  Lucien was trying to ascertain his whereabouts and he returns with news that Monsieur Mundier has been arrested by the Gestapo.