by Captain W. E. Johns



XI.           DRAMA ON THE ROOF  (Pages 123 - 133)


Worrals is up early in order to send a carrier pigeon to Squadron-Leader Yorke to update him on the current situation.  Frecks goes with her up to the roof of the Chateau.  As Worrals is about to release the bird, Leutnant Lowenhardt grabs her.  Worrals bites his thumb but a blow sends her reeling.  Lowenhardt goes to shoot Frecks when he is struck down with a crossbow bolt fired by an unknown person.  The pigeon is able to fly away.  Worrals runs after Frecks and then they both return to see what has happened to Lowenhardt only to find that his body has gone.  They go to the kitchen where they find Lucien making coffee.  Worrals confronts Lucien and says he can't fool her any longer.  She shows him the butt of an English cigarette she found in the cellar and says it lets the world know that he has been to England.  "Lucien's face was a study.  The foolishness went out of it in a flash.  Expressions of alarm, annoyance and, finally, humour, chased each other across his mobile features.  At the finish it was a serious, keen-eyed, good looking young man who stood by the table, one hand resting on it".  There is nothing wrong with Lucien.  He confesses that he is really the Vicomte de la Rose and is mother is the Comtesse de la Rose and Monsieur Mundier is really the Count de la Rose.  The man they saw in the cellar is a friend, known as the Marquis.  It was Lucien who pinned the message to the door of their aircraft.  Lucien knows what has happened on the roof but doesn't admit to killing Lowenhardt.  Worrals asks Lucien to come to their room in ten minutes so they can discuss the situation.