by Captain W. E. Johns



XII.         COUNCIL OF WAR  (Pages 134 - 143)


Lucien comes to the girl's room with his friend, whom he introduces as Raoul, Monsieur le Marquis de Saronceau.  Raoul was the spy who was caught by the Germans but managed to escape through a secret door.  The Chateau is well provided with them.  It was he who recovered the secret message from Schaffer's pocket and who stole the book from the kitchen.  Lucien then replaced it with a perfect one.  The Chateau is being used as the centre of an intelligence gathering operation.  Raoul was caught by the Germans when Lucien didn't have time to put out the warning signal that there was danger at the Chateau.  He usually puts a stuffed raven on the corner of the central tower as it can be seen for miles around.  Worrals says they must try to keep things going at the Chateau until they get a message from England.  Worrals asks Lucien if he knows why Lowenhardt went to the roof.  He was in his shirtsleeves so he must have been doing something.  Worrals says they will have to account for his disappearance and she comes up with the idea that he went for an early morning swim and must have drowned.  Worrals will go to Tours and report to von Brandisch that she saw him going to the river and later found a heap of clothes on the river bank.  Lucien says it would be better to do that tomorrow.  When the carrier pigeon gets to Squadron-Leader Yorke, he might recall them and there may be no need for Worrals to take the risk.  Worrals says to Raoul that he may need his crossbow again before the business is finished.