by Captain W. E. Johns



XV.         ON THIN ICE  (Pages 165 - 173)


Back at von Brandisch's office he makes a telephone call to have Monsieur Mundier released.  He says he has done this so Worrals can concentrate on what he has in mind.  Bill is being held in a third floor room in the Hotel de Paris, with barred windows, as they have no prison camp there.  Worrals suggests that if she takes him food, posing as a waitress in the hotel, she could give Bill a thick cord and a file to help him escape.  She would ask him to meet her and take her with him.  Von Brandisch agrees and Worrals wonders whether he is in fact playing a deeper game.  Worrals is taken to Bill's hotel and sent in with a food tray whilst von Brandisch listens at the door.  In the room Worrals holds a finger to her lips and inclines her head towards the door to indicate what is happening and then speaks with Bill.  Bill writes a note on a piece of paper saying "Leave everything and get home - orders".  Worrals offers Bill the chance of escape if he takes her with him and he agrees.  Leaving the room, Worrals speaks with von Brandisch who is pleased with what he has heard.  Worrals is not allowed to go home, but she is allowed to speak in private with Monsieur Mundier just as he is being released and she tells him the plans for Bill and that their orders are to evacuate the chateau tonight and return to England.  Worrals then returns to Gestapo Headquarters.