by Captain W. E. Johns



IV.   ALARMING EVENTS  (Pages 44 – 52)


Worrals realises this event may bring the Gestapo into the area.  “Once discovered who they are it will be a brick wall and a firing party for them in double quick time”.  Raoul says he saw a body tumbling down the steep slope that leads up to the causse.  On investigating he saw from the uniform it was Duclos.  The body was left lying in the road, fifty or sixty metres from the house they rented.  Worrals says she will go to Lucien as he needs to get away whilst he can.  She sets off and goes to the spot where she was told the body was, but there is no body there.  A mysterious voice asks her what she is looking for and when she says what she is looking for, the voice replies “We know nothing of Duclos, a body, or an accident.  Mademoiselle would do well to remember it”.  Going to Lucien's house, she's finds it being searched by a stranger.  The stranger leaves and eventually Lucien returns.  He had been at the estaminet and is shocked by Worrals’ news of the death of Duclos.  Worrals says that he will have to go into hiding in the cave with them.  Returning to the cave, they find both Frecks and Raoul have gone!