by Captain W. E. Johns





A figure blocks the entrance to the cave; a bearded man with a musket. Behind them another man arrives, also carrying a gun. Worrals and Lucien are taken deep within the cave. Here they find Frecks and Raoul. Although not under guard as such, they have been told that if they wander off they will get lost in the caves and die of starvation. Our heroes are taken before five men, almost like a jury, and questioned as to why they are there. Worrals tells them that they are there to fight the Germans. Worrals shows them her uniform under her raincoat but they are not impressed. A man arrives who proclaims that Worrals is telling the truth. It is Louis Capelle, Worrals' old guide from when she was last in that area of France. Louis explains that the young men of the area have gathered together to fight against Vichy and the Nazis. They act as saboteurs, cutting telegraph wires, pulling up railways and blocking roads with rocks. Louis speaks with his chief and they agree to work together. Worrals asks Louis why his men killed Duclos and he explains that he had followed Worrals to the cave and seen her enter it. He had to be silenced. Returning to their part of the cave, Worrals sends the signal that they are all ready for the reception of the transport plane.