by Captain W. E. Johns



VIII.       AN UNWELCOME VISITOR  (Pages 82 – 92)


At ten to midnight our heroes are out on the causse waiting for Bill Ashton to arrive in his transport plane.  Lights are laid out and Worrals flashes the V for victory sign.  Bill lands safely and greets them with “Hello, kids!”  “I do wish you wouldn't call us that,” snapped Worrals irritably.  “Well, you won't let me call you darling,” sighed Bill.  “For the love of Mike, be serious,” growled Worrals.  “What do you think this is – some sort of game?”  Bill has petrol and food for them.  Bill is alarmed to see all the French men but Worrals reassures him.  The plane is unloaded and Bill takes off with plans to return tomorrow night.  It is not until after 2.00 am that everything is tidied up.  At dawn the following day, they have visitors.  The French general that Worrals saw at La Malene police station and three French police officers, together with two civilians, one wearing the swastika armband that Worrals had seen before.  The men have with them a painting – Lucien's painting – and they are trying to identify the actual spot he has painted.  The man holding the painting has a dry rasping cough and Worrals recognises him.  “It is Hauptmann von Brandisch, reputed to be the most utterly ruthless man in the Gestapo – and the most efficient”.