by Captain W. E. Johns



IX.   ON THIN ICE  (Pages 92 – 100)


Worrals explains to Louis that she knows this man.  “I tricked him once, and then slipped through his fingers; and since forgiveness is not conspicuous in the Nazi character he would ask nothing more than to see me again”.  Louis suggests killing him; indeed killing them all.  Worrals is reluctant to do that.  “The effect of that would be to bring a regiment of German troops here”.  These six men wander the causse for upwards of an hour but for the most part confine their attention to the far side of the plateau, the background of the scene which Lucien had painted.  Later in the day it is reported back that von Brandisch has departed in an evil temper.  Worrals says “he'll be back”.  Louis reports that three men have been left to watch the causse.  Louis wants to kill them but Worrals says it is better to capture them and hand them over to our Intelligence people to question.   Louis and his men go to capture the three men and Frecks says that Bill may object to this live cargo.  “Bill will do what I tell him to do,” announced Worrals firmly.  Bill arrives precisely at midnight in a Whitley and he has some news.  “The Nazis are hammering at Malta and it has been decided to rush some Spitfires through right away”.  “The first one is due to arrive in two hours – that is – at two o'clock”.