by Captain W. E. Johns



X.    AN UNEXPECTED GUEST  (Pages 100 – 109)


“If anyone was ever thunderstruck, to use a common expression, it was Worrals.  She was astounded into a moment or two of speechlessness”.  Twelve machines are coming – a full squadron.  Bill is told that he will have some live cargo to take back.  “One Hun and two Vichyites”.  Bill has bought with him, not only petrol but some supplies for the French saboteurs.  A case of rifles, a couple of Tommy guns, ammunition and some high explosive.  Bill says he shall return tomorrow at the same time as more Spitfires will be coming through tomorrow.  At two o'clock precisely, the first Spitfire arrives.  “After the first shock of surprise at finding a girl in charge of operations he made hilarious love to Worrals for ten minutes while the machine was being refuelled”.  “If you don't get out of my way I'll hit you on the head with a rock,” threatened Worrals, striving to be serious.  Promising to come back as soon as he had won the war the young man roared away into the night.  “Nice boy,” observed Worrals smiling”.  It takes three hours to get all the Spitfires refuelled and off to Malta.  Then a mysterious twin-engine aircraft is heard and seeing the landing lights comes in to land.  It is a three-seater Messerschmitt 110.  The German pilot, Leutnant Strager, gets out and asks what aerodrome is this?  He is lost on his first night flight in a service type.  Worrals holds up a pistol and tells him he is a prisoner of war.  The German thinks he must be in England, though he can't understand how he got there.  Our heroes are now left with the problem of what to do with the German aircraft.  Worrals says it is possible that their refuelling of the Spitfires was heard.  If any investigations are made, then the German plane presents a solution.  People will conclude they heard that.  As for the pilot, well he would have gone to find a telephone.  After Lucien and Raoul have cleaned up outside, Worrals says she is going to bed.