by Captain W. E. Johns



XV.          REUNION  (Pages 150 – 160)


Worrals looks in the direction of the cough and sees von Brandisch as the clouds break and starlight reveals him.  As Worrals waits in the silence, she hears the deep drone of heavy aircraft.  Worrals watches von Brandisch take out a whistle but before he can blow it, she runs up behind him and using the index finger of her right hand, she sticks it firmly into the small of his back.  “Don't move, Hauptmann von Brandisch,” she said in a voice as hard and brittle as glass.  “Really, Miss Worralson, aren't you being a trifle dramatic?” sneered the German.  Using her left hand, Worrals runs them through von Brandisch's pockets and takes his gun.  Now she really has a gun.  Suddenly an aircraft engine starts up.  This is Frecks in the Junkers although, of course, Worrals is completely unaware that any aircraft is already there.  The distraction gives von Brandisch a chance to escape.  Frecks then crashes the Junkers into the rocks and it catches fire.  Worrals sees Frecks fleeing the aircraft and calls out to her and the two friends are reunited.    Bill arrives and lands in his Whitley aircraft.  Louis runs up and says that they managed to grab five of the men, but not von Brandisch himself.  He was then unable to return due to a party of Germans arriving in La Malene.  They wanted a guide to the Causse Mejean, but he led them to the Causse Sauveterre and left them in a gorge.  Lucien and Raoul turn up and then Bill appears.  Worrals tells Bill that von Brandisch has been there.  Louis reports that he has now heard that von Brandisch has gone to Carnac.  Bill says that six Spitfires are due to arrive from 1.00 am.  Bill says to Worrals “There won't be any more for some time, so you're coming home with me”.  Worrals thinks things through.  Von Brandisch must be trying to find out where his men are, or get more.  Either way it will be some time before he can get them there.  Worrals is worried about what Louis will do when she leaves.  Louis explains that he and his men have many caves in the Cevennes.  “Not all the Germans in France could find us”.  Worrals has a chance to explain to Bill everything that has happened to her.  She mentions the Camargue and says “It's a weird place, but it might be a useful one.  If I ever get stuck in France that's where I shall make for”.  Frecks suggests Worrals gets back into uniform but with the cave sealed it's a long route, so Worrals asks Raoul to go and get it for her.  They move the Whitley to a safe place and unload it and put the flare path out in time for the arrival of the first Spitfire.