by Captain W. E. Johns



III.          POST MORTEM  (Pages 33 – 44)


It only takes Nimrud half an hour to return with the report and the clothes and Worrals examines them thoroughly.  The main tank of the plane held fifty gallons of fuel and it only had three gallons in when found intact.  Worrals is able to calculate how far it had flown and how far it was going.  Looking at the clothes, the undergarments are European although the outer garments are Arab.  There is a stain like candle grease on the Arab abba.  The stitching is unusual as well.  Worrals remembers a Hungarian girl at school called Loti Fischer who used to stitch that way.  The garments also smell of a scent called ladanum.  The girl was also wearing an unusual necklace with an amulet which Worrals decides to wear herself.  Worrals suddenly catches sight of a French officer on her balcony looking in.  The person is very slim and effeminate.  Confronted, the officer makes his apologies and continues walking around the balcony, which is a continuous one.  Frecks put her chewing gum over the balcony doors to see if they are opened when they are out.  Worrals says they haven’t been very clever.  They were followed from Intelligence HQ by the hook nosed Arab who appeared to be a beggar.  Worrals has seen him out of the front window of their hotel.  They decide to go out and get some fresh air.