by Captain W. E. Johns



VI.           WORRALS ASKS SOME QUESTIONS  (Pages 70 – 77)


Worrals finds out more about Doctor Bronfield.  He has two daughters and is a distinguished scientist.  Major Kenton has told Bronfield that Worrals and Frecks were helping him “to exterminate these propaganda runners”.  Worrals establishes that there is no landing ground at Wadi Omar for an aircraft and that items excavated cannot be shipped with the war on and so they are stored at a warehouse in the Grazi Souk, part of the native quarter.  After telling Major Kenton of the attempts on their lives, Kenton wants to send Worrals and Frecks home.  “Why not post the whole blessed army home at the same time?” says Worrals bitterly.  “They’re all in danger”.  “But this is different,” says Kenton, “You’re girls”.  Worrals drew a deep breath.  “And in just what way, may I ask, does that make any difference?  Are men to have a monopoly of the risks?  If we’re to start fighting male prejudice as well as the Nazis, then we are in for a tough time”.  Worrals ask for permission to use Kenton’s reference library.  She tells Frecks she has been doing a lot of guessing but she will tell her what she has been thinking.