by Captain W. E. Johns



XI.           SORTIE TO WADI OMAR  (Pages 126 – 135)


Worrals and Frecks fly back to their base and refuel.  With Nimrud and a tommy gun under the seat, they fly to the sandy wadi north of Wadi Omar and wait.  Nimrud says this is the land of the Zogorites.  “These Zogorites – may their children be despoiled – would kill a traveller for a pair of old sandals on his feet”.  When Frecks comments that she hopes they don’t run into any as she has new shoes on, Nimrud adds “a Zogorite would cut thy throat for the laces in them”.  When the moon rises they walk the four miles to Wadi Omar where the camp is surprisingly active for that time of night.  The Arab workers are taking down certain trees which are fake palms and they are putting out lanterns to form a flare path.  Worrals and Frecks hear a plane coming in to land.  Worrals sends Frecks back to their aircraft to go and fetch Major Kenton whilst she will decide how to sabotage the plane to keep it there.  Nimrud is sent to escort Frecks back to the plane but is to then return to assist Worrals.