First Published in May 1944 - 192 pages


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Worrals and Frecks are sent to Aleppo in Syria to investigate a German propaganda racket designed to stir up unrest amongst the locals. A plane has crashed, flown by a European woman in Arab clothing, wearing an ancient Persian necklace. In the plane were two hundred pounds of plain paper. It is suspected that this was to be used for the printing of the leaflets for distribution. Posing as two French girls on a pilgrimage, our heroines seek to deal with the problem. Major Kenton at Combined Intelligence H.Q. assigns an Arab called Nimrud to look after the girls, which is just as well because an attempt is made to kill Worrals by putting a poisonous snake in her bed at her hotel. Worrals has a rumour started that an unknown European girl dressed in Arab clothing has been found and is in hospital. Worrals then goes to the hospital to pose as the girl. Here a Doctor Bronfield, an American friend of Major Kenton's, visits her. Doctor Bronfield is very interested in obtaining Worrals' antique necklace which has belonged to the dead pilot. Shortly after, another attempt is made on the lives of both Worrals and Frecks when they are sent poisoned crystallised fruits. Worrals suspects that 'Doctor Bronfield' may be an impostor and intends to investigate his archaeological site at Wadi Omar. Before doing so, she, Frecks and Nimrud go to Doctor Bronfield's warehouse. Here they witness a murder and also see Arab women being given propaganda leaflets to distribute. At the request of Major Kenton, the girls go and stop the women who are being driven on camels by men and relieve them of their leaflets. Interfering with Arab women is something that no British man could do, so the girls have a unique advantage here. Doing this, they get to meet Azza Bin Shibla, Sheikh of the Meni Sakhr, who is courteous to the two girls or, what the Arabs call, two bints. Worrals, Frecks and Nimrud fly out to photograph Wadi Omar and then visit Professor Blake, a friend of the real Doctor Bronfield. Later, exploring Wadi Omar, the girls realise that dummy Palm trees cover an aircraft landing strip. An aeroplane arrives and we learn that 'Doctor Bronfield' is in fact a German called Brunowsky. Frecks is sent back to their plane to get troops to raid Wadi Omar. Worrals goes to sabotage the baddies' plane when it arrives, by draining the main tank. Following a German girl called Hylda, Worrals discovers the printing press that is generating the propaganda leaflets. She also finds the 'real' Doctor Bronfield, held prisoner with his two daughters. Meanwhile, Frecks is having troubles of her own. Her plane has been found by Arab Zogorites and her attempt to fly away has resulted in her crashing. Frecks is captured and taken back to Wadi Omar. To make Frecks talk, Hylda plans to crush her hand in the printing press but Worrals is there to save her. An attempted escape results in a battle with the Zogorites working for the Germans at Wadi Omar. Nimrud comes to the rescue with a machine gun, but our heroes find themselves trapped in an ancient cave. It all looks bleak when fires are started to smoke them out but help comes from an unexpected source, Sheikh Azza. Hylda is killed in the shootout and Nimrud's expertise with a rifle puts paid to the fleeing Brunowsky.


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Worrals Goes East

Subtitle - A Great War adventure of Flight Officer Joan Worralson (Worrals of the W.A.A.F.) and her comrade in arms, Flight Officer Betty, otherwise "Frecks", Lovell.

Publication Details - published by Hodder and Stoughton