by Captain W. E. Johns



III.  INGLES ISLAND  (Pages 34 – 43)


Flying out to Ingles Island, which is shaped like a pair of boxing gloves, tied at the wrists, Worrals and Frecks find an army of crabs on the beach.  They are able to get their aircraft out of sight under some trees and they unload the plane which contains a half a ton of petrol, oil and stores.  Frecks complains about the stench of the mangrove swamp on the other side of the island.  The centre of the island contains a lagoon alive with marine creatures including a fifteen foot shark.  Crossing a small causeway to the other half of the island, Worrals and Frecks are almost cut off by the rising tide.  They return in a hurry and discover what the “scalies” are – crocodiles!  Worrals shoots at one.  Seeing Japanese planes flying overhead, Worrals reminds Frecks they have to be careful.  They will start work after lunch.  “Every island we cover is one off the list, so the sooner we get mobile the sooner we shall be back in the land where we can step in the water without losing our feet”.