by Captain W. E. Johns



XI.   FRECKS WALKS ALONE  (Pages 111 – 121)


Frecks has seen what has happened from her position in the tree and climbs down to return to their Kingfisher aircraft to get help.  Frecks has an idea as to where she can get help from within a reasonable distance.  Her journey back to the aircraft is terrifying, because of her fear of wild animals, but it passes almost without incident until she encounters a lion by the plane.  However, she is able to get safely inside the cockpit and take off.  She flies to Shardwell’s claim and lands, narrowly avoiding his aircraft in the dark.  Looking around for a burning camp fire in the darkness, she is able to find Ingoono (a typing error has appeared in his name on page 119, as a few lines later he is referred to as Ingoona again) and his warriors.  She explains the situation and asks for his help.  The old gun-bearer says “I know this Wongorobo.  He has killed many men and boasts of it”.  Frecks says “This afternoon my friend saved you from the lion.  Now you can repay the debt by rescuing her from the Ovambo”.  “The debt shall be paid,” declared Ingoona without a moment’s hesitation.  Ingoona speaks to his companions and they all set off on the walk to the village to rescue Worrals and Dick.  “Looking along the line of stalwart, spear-armed Hereros, Frecks wondered if this could really be happening.  A fortnight ago she had been in London, with Africa as remote as the moon.  It was hard to believe”.