by Captain W. E. Johns



XVI.        VISIBILITY IMPROVES  (Pages 164 – 173)


Ten minutes hard work is sufficient for the plane to be able to land and Frecks is astonished to see Worrals get out.  “Hello, Bill!  How are you feeling?” Worrals says to Bill.  Worrals explains she is currently under arrest but she has had a chance to explain everything to the District Commissioner, “with the result that he isn’t quite as peeved as he was”.  The D.C. speaks with Uncle Dick and also Ingoona.  He asks everyone to return to Hansvelt where the Inspector will be waiting.  The natives will go by foot but Worrals, Frecks, Bill, Dick and the D.C. can all go in the Monospar as it is a five seater.  Back at Hansvelt the D.C. speaks to the angry inspector and calms him down.  Once everything is explained, the inspector and Worrals shake hands.  “No man likes being fooled by a woman” says the inspector.  “We’d better keep off the subject of sex equality or we’re liable to start scrapping again,” suggested Worrals.  Worrals thinks Shardwell and Gronk will try to escape arrest by going east to Portuguese territory.  They will have to fill up with petrol first and Worrals is confident they won’t get far.  The D.C. decides to walk along to Nakula to pick up Wongorobo.  He is confident his authority will mean that there isn’t any trouble.  Worrals says Bill will have to remain and asks Frecks and Dick to wait with him.  The Monospar pilot introduces himself as Joe and Worrals asks him to fly both Worrals and the inspector to Impala.  Joe himself needs fuel and Worrals says you better have me with you when you’re doing it.