First Published in November 1947 - 192 pages

This story was first published when it was serialised in the ‘Girl’s Own Paper’ in ten monthly parts between November 1945 and August 1946

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Bill Ashton comes to visit Worrals and Frecks and hints at asking for Worrals' hand in marriage. His suggestion is declined and he then explains that he is going to fly out to Darkest Africa to work for his Uncle Richard Ashton, known as Uncle Dick. Uncle Dick is working with his partner, Andrew Mackintosh, in South West Africa, at a place called Magube Drift on the fringe of the Kalahari Desert. They have a gold mine. Bill says he will write every fortnight but after time passes and only one letter is received, Worrals begins to get worried. She and Frecks decide to fly out and look for him. Flying out in a silver-winged cabin monoplane known as a Kingfisher, Worrals and Frecks eventually land at Impala and are met with hostility. They are refused fuel and have to leave in a hurry when shots are fired at them. Landing nearby, Worrals knows she must get fuel at Impala, as she does not have enough fuel to get to any other aerodrome. Sneaking back at night, Worrals and Frecks steal fuel and also hide some for future use. Frecks trips in a hole being dug by a hyena and nearly gives the game away. Flying on to Magube Drift, Worrals and Frecks meet Uncle Dick and his partner. Bill has been missing some time and it is assumed that he must have had a forced landing. Suddenly, a plane arrives. It is Shardwell and Gronk, the two villains from Impala who gave Worrals and Frecks such a hard time. Shardwell and Gronk want to buy out Dick and Andrew's claim. Worrals sees them off at gunpoint. Frecks thinks about the Government man who should have been at Impala and remembers tripping in the hole dug by the hyena. She suspects that there may be a body buried there. Flying back to Impala, this time with Uncle Dick, our heroes are pleased to see that Shardwell and Gronk have gone. A body is found as Frecks suspected. A spear thrust to the back had murdered the man. Worrals remembers seeing a native called Wongorobo previously at Impala and suspects that he may have been responsible. All the fuel at Impala has "gone" but Worrals discovers where it is hidden and refuels her aircraft. She then refills the empty petrol cans with salt water. Worrals flies to Keetmannshoop and drops Frecks and Uncle Dick off to get supplies. She then flies on to Cape Town to find out some information. Arriving at Cape Town, she gets a phone call from Frecks telling her that Uncle Dick has been arrested for illicit diamond buying. Worrals goes to see the Cape Town police and spins them a yarn in order to get Uncle Dick freed. Worrals then flies back to pick up Dick and Frecks and then on to Impala. Here they discover the buried body has gone. Flying around, they see Wongorobo and some other Ovambo natives with something slung on a pole. Worrals and Frecks fly up to Shardwell's claim at Hansvelt in order to search for Bill but find nothing. They do meet some Herero natives lead by Ingoona, a man known to Dick. The natives are hunting a man-eating lion and our heroes help them out. They then fly on to Nakula, where Wongorobo has his kraal or village, again with a view to looking for Bill. Here, they discover Bill's wrecked Dragon aircraft. Worrals uses it to create a diversion and Dick and Worrals then search for Bill and find him unconscious in a hut. Caught by Shardwell and Gronk, Worrals and Dick have to rely on Frecks for help. She flies back to Hansvelt to find Ingoona and his warriors. Ooma, a witch doctor, is keeping Bill unconscious. He plans to do the same to Worrals and Dick but Worrals turns the tables on him. Frecks returns with help to effect a rescue. The race is then on to get back to Hansvelt where both sides have their aircraft. Worrals goes on ahead with a native called N'swena only to find that she had lost the race, her plane has been burnt and N'swena is murdered. Another plane arrives, containing the District Commissioner and the Inspector from Cape Town that Worrals tricked. Worrals is to be arrested but she escapes in their plane, taking the District Commissioner, called Major Wilson, with her as an unwelcome passenger. Worrals is in a rush to get back and save her comrades. On the journey, she tells Major Wilson the story. Frecks, Bill, Dick, Ingoona and the rest of the Herero natives are fighting the Ovambo natives. The arrival of Worrals with the District Commissioner ends the battle. Flying on to Impala, they see Shardwell and Gronk escaping by flying off after having just refuelled. However, unbeknown to them, they have refuelled with the salt water and crash and are killed. Shortly afterwards, a man called Dayne arrives. He is the employer of Shardwell and Gronk and is shocked and horrified to hear of their methods. He agrees to compensate people for their losses, as he is a very rich businessman. On Shardwell's body is found an assayer's report relating to a sample that Shardwell had secretly taken from Dick and Andrew's claim. It is worth a fortune. Dayne joins up with Bill, Dick and Andrew to form the Magube Drift Mining Company.


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Worrals in the Wilds

Subtitle - The First Post-war Worrals Story.

Publication Details - published by Hodder and Stoughton