by W. E. Johns



6.         RECONNAISSANCE  (Pages 94 – 107)


The following morning an examination of the grave shows that a spade has been put in it and then dropped.  “I don’t think it needs a Sherlock Holmes to explain what happened here last night” says Worrals.  Someone was going to remove the body and then was attacked and injured.  Without the body, there could be no evidence against Moran.  Worrals and Frecks go and examine the plane and find everything fine.  Later, they go and find “Charlie’s wigwam” and Worrals notices the wood is still green and some leaves still hang on.  It has been repaired recently.  Worrals finds a bone inside the primitive dwelling and says “that bone was in a live animal or a bird less than a week ago”.  Worrals guesses that Charlie is back and he threw his boomerang at Yoka, who was trying to dig up the body in the grave.  Worrals takes Frecks, Janet and the dog in a short trip in their aeroplane to have a bird’s eye view of the property.  The only thing they see is a creature moving which they believe to be a kangaroo.  Worrals lands the plane and the girls return to their cabin for lunch.  In the afternoon, Worrals sends Frecks and Janet off on an errand to Oodnadatta – to see if Moran is on the flight due in from Adelaide.  Worrals pretends to go as well but actually conceals herself under the trees where she waits and watches with the dog.  The dog goes to sleep but Worrals doesn’t.