by W. E. Johns



13.   FRESH PLANS  (Pages 165 – 179)


It was fairly evident that Hanstadt had crossed the Atlantic in a vessel of some sort, possibly in his own U-boat.  This must have been arranged with Rumey.  Hanstadt tells Shultz that they have walked from their old secret base in the north of Hudson Bay, something they discovered when they were here spying before the war.  They stumbled on the gold on the way home.  The plan is to go “To South America, where the survivors of the Party have taken refuge”.  (In an interesting aside, there is a proof copy of this book, prior to publication, with a note on the front in what appears to be Johns’ handwriting saying words to the effect of “For Argentina substitute South America”).  Shultz is incensed that the plan is to give “most of the old crowd that managed to get away” what she refers to as “our gold”.  Hanstadt asks about the whereabouts of Otto (Rumey) and is told he is dead, killed in an accident, buried under a landslide.  Shultz explains the gold was stolen last night and they are just going to get it off the two prospectors who took it.  Shultz asks Worrals and Frecks to wait as they may still wish to avail themselves of the offer to be flown down.  Shultz says that she, Captain Hanstadt and four of his men will go and retrieve the gold.  The rest of the men will stay with Doctor Wolfe.  Shultz asks “And you will wait here for me?”  Of course”.  Had Shultz but known it, Worrals had no intention of going without her”.  Hanstadt says to Shultz that the British know where she is.  He has picked up some signals on his radio.  They had sent a police officer name Warrington to arrest her.  Shultz looks at Worrals but obviously concludes she can’t be the person sent.  Worrals tells Frecks they have to get away to warn Larwood, Hedin and Fraser.  Worrals thinks there is one man who will help them, Doctor Wolfe.  One thing is for sure, the girls will not be allowed to leave now they know there is U-boat and U-boat base at the northern end of Hudson Bay.  “One boob now, partner, and the balloon will go up”.