by W. E. Johns



15.   WORRALS SHOWS HER HAND  (Pages 191 – 202)


Worrals and Frecks fly via a roundabout course and land back at their original mooring.  They go and see Lowenhardt and tell him what has happened and then go on to warn Larwood, Hedin and Fraser.  They find that the three men have chosen the perfect place for an ambush.  As the enemy approach, everyone hides, except Worrals who sits by the fire with her automatic concealed under her handkerchief in her lap.  “Everything would depend on the first minute, on Shultz’s reaction to the shock that was in store for her”.  Shultz and Hanstadt approach Worrals and the other sailors have halted slightly to the rear.  “What are you doing here?” rasped Shultz.  Worrals met Shultz’s gaze squarely.  Then she said, speaking very distinctly:  Anna Shultz, or Mrs. Wolfe, if you prefer it, I am here to arrest you for the wilful murder of Hauptmann Otto Rumey, somewhere near this spot, about six weeks ago”.  Her words are designed to flabbergast Hanstadt who knows nothing about this.  Hanstadt frowned. “Mrs. Wolf?” he muttered, “What does she mean – Mrs. Wolfe?”  Worrals says that Lowenhardt is still alive and he will tell Hanstadt the truth. Worrals puts the automatic out and says to Shultz, “Don’t move”.  Suddenly, there is a surprise intervention – from Lowenhardt himself.  “You foul beast!  You hell-cat!  You she-devil!  You shot him, and then threw him in the water like a dead dog.  You thought you had killed me too – but I’m alive …. Alive!”  Lowenhardt fires a rifle at Shultz and there is a shrill metallic whang and Shultz drops her own gun and falls over.  The bullet has not hit flesh.  Worrals tells Hanstadt and his men to surrender as they are covered at close range by men who do not miss.  Seeing the rifle muzzles aimed at them, they all surrender.  Shultz suddenly gets up and producing a small automatic fires two shots at Lowenhardt.  Worrals grabs her gun arm and they struggle.  Shultz “spat at Worrals.  Then she turned and ran”.  Worrals could easily have shot her but she called “Don’t shoot!  I’ll get her,” and dashed off in pursuit.