by Captain W. E. Johns



8.     WORRIES FOR WORRALS  (Pages 104 – 112)


Worrals spends some time thinking matters over.  “The release of Frecks, and the security of their only means of leaving the island, were the first things that would need attention, she decided”.  Mabel says Frecks is likely to be placed in a penitent cell in the palace.  The walls are three feet thick.  Returning to the plane, where Mati    still remains, Worrals moves it to a cluster of islets where it is practically out of sight from the landward side.  Worrals decides to go and fetch her friend, Frecks.  “The only alternative is to go and fetch a ship, and that may take a long time.  I don’t feel inclined to leave my partner cooped up in a dirty cell for an indefinite period, so I intend to release her first.  Warned that the women in charge have rifles, Worrals says “I’m not entirely without means of protecting myself”.  Worrals persuades Mabel to come with her and Mati follows them.  They set off down the beach.